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Your trash talking tuesday tip: Or else!

April Fools.


your trash-talking tuesday tip: when trash becomes art

When we saw this inspirational video, we had to share it:

Landfill Harmonic film teaser on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Landfill Harmonic film teaser on Vimeo.

“People realize that we shouldn’t throw away trash carelessly well, we shouldn’t throw away people, either”

Waste nothing.

Your Trash Talking Tuesday tip: Don’t waste your vote.

Your Trash Talking Tuesday tip:

Don’t waste your vote!

Vote today if you haven’t already.

Waste nothing.

your trash talking tuesday tip: Brought to you by Mitt Romney

Your Trash Talking Tuesday tip:

Nobody can talk trash like Mitt Romney, so today’s installment of Trash Talk is devoted to exclusively to him. Unwilling to let Fact get in the way of his run for the White House, he’s willing to mislead and lie in order to drum up a few more votes. Look no further than the ad he’s just run in Ohio, excoriating Obama for taking Detroit carmakers into Bankruptcy.

Thanks to the Washington Post factcheckers for giving that ad four Pinocchio’s for the fibs contained in that little ad.

Don’t waste your vote on Romney.

Waste Nothing.

4 Pinocchios for Mitt Romney’s misleading ad on Chrysler and China – The Washington Post.

Your Trash Talking Tuesday Tip: What’s wrong here?

20120809_trash02det by markevnic72
20120809_trash02det, a photo by markevnic72 on Flickr.

Your Trash Talking Tuesday tip:

What’s wrong with this picture? This is the blue recycling bin and it’s for recyclable hard plastics, paper, glass and aluminum cans- NOT PLASTIC BAGS. Plastic film of any kind does NOT go in the Blue Bin. That means no plastic bags, celophane, plastic wrappers, shrink wrap, cling wrap and the like. Bags and film ruin the recycling machines and cost your city up to a million dollars a year in repairs. Take your plastic bags and films to your local grocery store where there are special collection points for bag recycling. Put BAGS where they belong, and recycle them in the right way…
waste nothing.

waste nothing!

Your trash talking tuesday tip: Not on the curb!

20120808_trash01det by markevnic72
20120808_trash01det, a photo by markevnic72 on Flickr.

Don’t leave your trash on the curb. Break down your cardboard boxes and deposit them in the blue cart. Your garbage collector will be glad you did.

Waste nothing.

Your trash talking tuesday tip: Creative ReUse!

Your Tuesday Trash Talking tip:
Recycle and reuse your aluminum foil and other shiny bits- turn them into a suit and wear it at the Castro Street Fair!