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For the Yigit Pura fans

If you’re a Yigit fan (like us!) here’s some news that you’ll enjoy. He’s coming back to TV thanks to the Millionaire Matchmaker. The best part? This show is all about documenting not his cooking prowess but rather, his dreamy, romantic side. Make a date to watch. Still, we’re rather glad that he works out at our local gym so that we don’t have to wait quite so long between episodes to see him.

Thanks to Eater SF for sharing:

Bravo announced the “clients” participating in the next season of Millionaire Matchmaker, and one of them is Yigit Pura—the same Yigit Pura who won Top Chef Just Dessertsseason one and just opened Tout Sweet Patisserie. In the preview video, matchmakerPatti Stanger says to Pura, “Look at how hot you look. You’re the first person I wish I had a penis for.” Well, this will be fun?


Tout Sweet

tout sweet confections

tout sweet confections

Checkout this new website for the new San Francisco treat, Yigit . He’s opening a new shop in the Union Square Macy’s appropriately called, Tout Sweet.

I love his mission statement and couldn’t agree more with the sentiment:

Somewhere, in the transition to adulthood, most of us lose track of our inner child.

I personally created each one of our irresistible products available here and in our shop in Macy’s Union Square with one goal in mind; to transport you to a playground bursting with flavor and character that will delight your inner child.

Read more about this fabulous man and his inspirations, here.

yigit pura patisserie, Tout Sweet

yigit pura patisserie, Tout Sweet