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if you’re looking for a great gift idea. . .

Lots of ideas for a great gift (round up below) and if you’re looking for a fun afternoon of browsing, check out the Renegade Craft fair today if you’re in San Francsico, LA, Chicago, NYC or London. We’ re not huge fans of large retailers for gifts. We prefer giving (and receiving) something unique, handmade and best of all, local. Those gifts have heart. They might even be green. Keep your eyes peeled for artisans who explore REUSE in making their items rather than using virgin materials. Maybe they’re using recycled materials, too. How about food products, grown and packaged locally? If your vendor is local, you can be assured the carbon footprint in distribution is low.

So follow the link and learn more about the fair and if you can’t go, look for local artisans in your community… San Francisco Holiday Info « Renegade Craft Fair.

Here are some other ideas for you San Francisco folks:

Letter Press stationary, handmade cards and screen print dish cloths by

ink.paper.plate Press or Coffee n Cream Press

Beautiful hand cut wooden products, like cutting boards, stools, etc:

Bruce Powell Fine Woodworking

Local Honey grown by the busy bees at Hayes Valley Farm

HONEY!! **

(**note, this is a the last year for Hayes Valley Farm and their project, Project BEE – Cause. Get the last jar of honey from this amazing experiment in permaculture!)

Give a *Reusable bag* filled with *reusable stainless steel mug* and colorful *microfiber cloths*, make yourself a little gift that speaks Green; )

Support local certified SF Green Business , and baker, Mission Pie. Supporting them you’ll also be supporting their outreach to inner city kids, teaching them how to farm.

Get  a basket of baked goods at our favorite bakery, Thorough Bread and Pastry. Supporting them supports the students of the San Francisco bread making institute.

Get some cheese to go with that bread: La Fromagerie (2425 3rd Street, SF). They have raw milk cheese!

And jars of amazing peanut brittle or handmade marshmallows at Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous.


your trash-talking tuesday tip: when trash becomes art

When we saw this inspirational video, we had to share it:

Landfill Harmonic film teaser on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Landfill Harmonic film teaser on Vimeo.

“People realize that we shouldn’t throw away trash carelessly well, we shouldn’t throw away people, either”

Waste nothing.

Your trash talking tuesday tip: Not on the curb!

20120808_trash01det by markevnic72
20120808_trash01det, a photo by markevnic72 on Flickr.

Don’t leave your trash on the curb. Break down your cardboard boxes and deposit them in the blue cart. Your garbage collector will be glad you did.

Waste nothing.

your trash talking tuesday tip: Great Recycling Moments

San Francisco, what goes in the green bin? what goes in the blue? what goes in the black? and what about orange?

Check out the following website to find out: Great Recycling Moments.

recipe love, the summer berry crisp

my first crisp, made with cherries, strawberries and a few apricots

my first crisp, made with cherries, strawberries and a few apricots

ahhh, the crisp. As you’ll discover, perhaps the best part about this deeply satisfying dessert is the contrast in textures, a sweet layer of molten, fruity love hidden just below a dense, caramelized, buttery surface-  a surface that truly does remain gloriously. . . “crisp”.

I have L. to thank for this sharing this recipe. Not only only does my new pal L. know a heluva lot about succulents, he knows a heluva lot about food and cooking. He can write damn well, too. Check out his site here. After reading his loving descriptions of food and where to shop for it (he can tell you not merely which farmer’s market you should visit, but even which vendor will have the best example of any kind of produce), I was inspired to tackle some of his recipes. The crisp is the first one I’ve made and I have to say, I hit the ball out of the park with it. My guests were cooing in delight and so was I!

Willie’s Crisp (click here for the recipe. . . )

photo of cherry crisp

Cherry/Strawberry Crisp; follow the link above for the recipe

You can’t go wrong with this recipe. In all cases L. gives you a lot of useful information that you wouldn’t normally find in a recipe, such as how to modify the amount of sugar depending on the variety and relative ripeness of the cherry.  Or the practical instructions on how to work with the butter and crisp topping without it pulling off with the fork. And, he describes his enjoyment of the food and why he loves it- in short, why he’s sharing it with you.

That’s foodie love.

>> UPDATE 13 July 2010

-my second crisp also turned out well! This time I used half sour cherries and the other half, equal parts blueberries, strawberries and tayberries. (If you, like me, had never heard of a tayberry, my friend L. at Matte Gray tells me “they’re a cross developed by the Scottish Crop Research Institute in about 1970. They crossed an unnamed tetraploid raspberry hybrid of theirs with an American “Aurora” blackberry, and the result was a berry so fine they named it after the River Tay.”

cherry, strawberry, blueberry and tayberry crisp recipe

cherry, strawberry, blueberry and tayberry crisp recipe