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20 Epic SF Sandwiches To Eat Before You Die – Eater Maps – Eater SF

Check out this article for a list of the top 20 sandwiches in San Francisco.

Our comments are below:


2,  great quality meat, but fatty. Not quite seasoned enough.

5, bland, fatty, not sure why this one makes the list, least of all in the top 5

7, amazing quality meat, fatty yes, impeccably seasoned. A star.

11, simple and delicious, just the right amount of pepper, the greens balance the egg, mayo and cheese perfectly

13, fatty but decadent. Nice spice. The bun is so good!

14, we love lamb, just the right amount of veggies to add crunch and a burst of juice

15 yes, a calorie bomb. But it hits all the right notes. We go back again and again for it!

16 this is a great seafood roll and a good value, too!

17 nicely marinated meat, right spice mix, juicy and grilled flavors harmoniously blend

19 Great german fare, spicey and delicious with ‘craut and onions. Do have the beer with it. So good. Love the weiswurst at Rosamunde, too.


20 Epic SF Sandwiches To Eat Before You Die – Eater Maps – Eater SF.


a foodie news roundup for you!

Starting with our friends at Mission Mission, news of a new restaurant coming to the MUS•e•YUM backyard, on 24th Street! We already had Rosamunde for top quality sausages, Mission Pie for the ultimate dessert pie and Humphry Slocombe’s for the ice cream. . .  this restaurant puts all three foods into one space! One stop shopping we say…

Homemade sausages and homemade pies coming to former Discolandia space « Mission Mission.

We miss Capri in the Castro. It was a great pocket restaurant for a family style dinner that didn’t break the bank. One could always count on the surly waiter for a funny if not scandalous quip… has he asked everyone to take their shirts off at one point or another? Since the demise of Capri we’ve wondered what would take her place. Tablehopper has the scoop. Spanish! The name, Canela. We love the concept, especially the idea that they’ll have space for casual dropping in to take an espresso… very european indeed!

Details on Canela, Opening Soon in the Castro

More of our favorite things, Chocolate, wine, cheese and charcuterie and in one very cool up and coming neighborhood, the Dogpatch. Very close to our favorite ice cream spot, Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous:

Recchiuti Confections will take over the former Piccino space, 801 22nd Street:


Details on Canela, Opening Soon in the Castro

The latest in Burger News:

We like Super Duper a lot. It’s definitely grown up since it opened a year ago in the Castro. While at first it seemed like a very good (and more expensive) version of an In and Out Burger (thin patties and thin-cut fries, made with very fresh, high-quality ingredients) they ‘ve added some interesting, larger burgers to the menu as well as some great ice cream desserts made with Strauss organics. Success has lead to expansion, not only to Market Street but now, the Marina:
Super Duper Takes Over Johnny Rockets in the Marina

and before the much anticipated Umami Burger opens in Cow Hollow, plans are already underway for an Umami location in the Mission, our backyard here at MUS•e•YUM.