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best restaurant series, mexican with a french accent at Papito


trio of salsas, Papito, Potrero Hill, SF

trio of salsas, Papito, Potrero Hill, SF

Could this be my new favorite mexican food place? I mean, if you’re greeted in French, by a Frenchman, does it still qualify?? Duck confit tacos??? Really???

• • •

Yes. Yes. Yes. YES.

I cannot think of a better word to describe this experience than enchanting. Picture it, two gay guys, positively wrapped around the finger of our gorgeous french waitress who guided us through our meal. She spun a web around us with her cursed chile-lime parmesan dust,  having sprinkled it on buttery grilled cobs of corn. I think we ate more because of her. Or maybe it was the Huitlacoche (have you tried it? it’s a blue fungus that grows on corn. Also known by the names, ‘corn smut‘ and ‘raven’s excrement‘, it’s fabulous!) that she put in the mushroom quesadillas. We did whatever she wanted us to do. Duck confit tacos. Witch! We were willingly enchanted though, smiling, laughing and purring through the whole thing. (Churros and chocolate!)

elote, the cursed chile/lime/cheese dusted ears of corn at Pepito

elote, the cursed chile/lime/cheese dusted ears of corn at Papito

duck confit tacos at Papito

duck confit tacos at Papito

quesadillas of mushroom and huitlacoche at Pepito

quesadillas of mushroom and huitlacoche at Papito

Leaving the restaurant left me a little turned-around though. Having interacted with a greeter, the owner and the waitress, I left saying an ‘au revoir‘, which the owner promptly returned, but then quickly switched, to an ‘adios’ (delivered in a french accent), which I quickly returned and then switched to a ‘see ya later‘. Oh, yes. They will!

The space. Charming Enchanting cafe, small(ish) and sunny. Parisian in look and feel.

The food. Purr-inducing. Unmistakably Mexican with a presentation, technique and quality that impresses. While accent is french, this is unmistakably mexican fare.

The verdict. I can’t wait to go back.


317 Connecticut
(between 18th St & 19th St)
San Francisco, CA 94107
Neighborhood: Potrero Hill

(415) 695-0147

Papito in the Press:

churros and chocolate at Pepito

churros and chocolate at Pepito


my photo, currently featured on one of my FAV websites, Tablehopper~

salsa trio

salsa trio

I am very excited to report that one of my photos has made it onto one of my favorite websites/columns, Tablehopper, the go-to source for information about what’s going on in the San Francisco food scene. Thanks Marcia!

This week, Tablehopper started a new feature, “Déjà Vu: Have We Not Met Before?”. Photos of two similar dishes are shown and  the reader is invited to guess the restaurant of origin for each, and which came first. In this inaugural column, the face-off is between two salsa trios. I know  the provenance of one of them, of course. I have no idea about the other. Do you have a guess. . . ?