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Bakesale Betty’s Uptown Oakland Location Is No More – The Shutter – Eater SF

We at MUS•e•YUM love Bakesale Betty!! Check out the link below for the latest Bakesale Betty news. The original location is so special, and will remain open and as popular as ever. Really shocked the second is closing.


Bakesale Betty’s Uptown Oakland Location Is No More – The Shutter – Eater SF.


PieTisserie Gets A Permanent Pie Window In Oakland – Pop-Up To Perm – Eater SF

PieTisserie Gets A Permanent Pie Window In Oakland – Pop-Up To Perm – Eater SF.

Another Pop-Up makes it to the next level. PieTisserie coming to Oakland this coming October, 2012. Why go? Maybe the answer lies in one of these:

Lemongrass custard, it sounds positively poetic. Spiced plum with huckleberry. Okinawan Sweet Potato…

This sounds very, very good.


444 Oak Street in the Jack London District (opening October 2012)

in search of the best burger in San Francisco. . .

R.I.P. the cheeseburger at Mission Burger, SF

R.I.P. the cheeseburger at Mission Burger, SF

I’m really missing Mission Burger today. There are lots of decent burgers out there but there was a certain “something” that set the Mission Burger apart from the pack. It tasted a little more like the ones my dad used to make on the grill (except this one had sautéed onions and a garlic/caper aoli sauce!). Local celebrity chef Danny Bowein used to make these burgers for the take-away lunchtime crowd, in a non-traditional place: he was a pop-up sensation working out of the Duc-Loi supermarket butcher/deli section. Taking inspiration from the burgers of U.K. chef Heston Blumenthal, Bowein prepped his meat in a particular way which ensured a better-than-average burger. (Read more about this unique process here. ) Lamentably, he stopped making burgers however to start Mission Chinese Food (see my review of MCF here) and my burger hook-up was no more.

Where is your favorite burger in San Francisco? Tell me. I want to know.

PS, I do however know my favorite hamburger in the East Bay, and that is True Burger in Oakland. And you’ll be happy to know they have the best fries around, too!

best bakeries in the bay area, bakesale betty

baked goods at Bakesale Betty

baked goods at Bakesale Betty

“Without a doubt the best find in years.”

That still holds true. I’ve been going through some of my reviews on Yelp.com and found my Bakesale Betty review, penned 4/2/2007. At that time, I’d been hearing early reports on Yelp.com about this phenomenon in North Oakland, and decided to plan my first foodie roadtrip to check her out- destination eating. Now, three and half years later, the lines are still present every time I’ve gone, the food is just as good, and Betty has opened a second location. It’s not an exaggeration to say the excitement of hearing about and discovering Bakesale Betty through Yelp.com inspired me to become more involved in the local foodie community and since then, I’ve used Yelp to plan other foodie roadtrips, too. Of course, any trip to the East Bay incorporates a stop at Bakesale Betty, now a true mainstay.

What I loved from day one was the visible presence of owner Alison Barakat and her husband, both of whom on that first visit worked the line and despite the crowd, gave us and everyone else their full attention, even following up with us after we’d ordered and taken a seat outside. Conscious of the fact that people were waiting, they’ve always been generous with samples for the line, often cookies warm from the oven. And the food is superb. Really, with the volume that Bakesale Betty produces on any given day, nothing appears to fall through the cracks. Betty employees always seem cheery and the food never fails, whether you’re there for lunch, or coffee & a dessert.

Bakesale Betty

5098 Telegraph Ave
(between 49th St & 51st St)
Oakland, CA 94609
Neighborhoods: Rockridge, Temescal, North Oakland

(510) 985-1213

Hours: Tue-Sat 7 am – 2:30 pm
apple pie at bakesale betty

apple pie at bakesale betty

What I’ve had:

the best scones. Large, somehow not moist but not dry either. All the scones have the candied ginger component, and maybe that ‘s part of the trick. They’re coated with a gorgeous layer of sugar which makes them crystaline. And, they’re huge; I always get one (if not three more) for the freezer.

scones and cookies at Bakesale Betty, Oakland

scones and cookies at Bakesale Betty, Oakland

Cookies. Often offered as samples, and often warm. Large thin(ish) disks. Chocolate chip are more crispy than chewy, but with some moistness at the center and plenty of chips.

Strawberry Shortcake. It has never been my favorite dessert, until I tried it at Bakesale Betty. In fact, it was slipped in our bag free since we’d had  particularly long wait. I think I liked the shortcake as much as the big, fresh strawberries. It all came together as more than the sum of its parts.

Chicken Pot Pie. Food PORN. It’s incredibly thick, filled with huge pieces of pulled chicken and a savory binding cream full of vegetables that will satisfy you on every level both physical and spiritual. This is comfort. You can take it home and pop it in the freezer and bake it whenever you want.

Fried Chicken Sandwich. Twice dipped in buttermilk and lots of black pepper, this is one huge piece of white smothered in a light, bright vinaigrette slaw. Green peppers balance that fat pretty well- this is an exciting sandwich, served on a fresh-baked roll.

fried chicken sandwich at Bakesale Betty

fried chicken sandwich at Bakesale Betty

Beef Brisket Sandwich. Just as good as the chicken, this time the players are beef brisket slow-cooked and melt in your mouth tender, dressed with horseradish, caramelized onion and … potato chips. Yes, potato chips. This is now my favorite one.

beef brisket sandwich at Bakesale Betty

beef brisket sandwich at Bakesale Betty

Egg Salad Sandwich. Big pieces of hardboiled egg held together with olive oil rather than lots of mayo. It’s really good but with the other items on the menu. . .best scenario go with a friend and get one of each, and share.

Here’s that first review:

“Without a doubt the best find in years.Buddies and I made the trip to BB’s from SF having read such great reviews here.  It was soo worth it, and I encourage anyone reading to make the pilgrimage.  Hit around 1.30 on a sunny Saturday afternoon, a short line, but cheery.  We, three of us, ordered the fried chicken sandwich to see what the buzz was bout and chowed down in a sunny spot outside.  FOOD PORN.  And it got better: we ‘d eyed all the baked goods ordering and definitely planned on getting sweets to go. . and out of nowhere Betty‘s husband comes out to chat.  Friendly.  Brings us four cookies to sample.  YUM. Betty also came out to chat with us.  Friendly.   Clearly they LOVE what they do and it shows in the food experience. We went back in for the banana bread and can say it’s top notch.  So if you just want a casual, fun, and above all delicious moment in your day, a trip to Bakesale Betty‘s is it.

KUDOS, we loved it!!”

breaking news: new Bakesale Betty sandwich revealed.

Sloppy Joe! there’s even a YouTube video as announcement, check it out here:

HOLY SMOKES: prather ranch organic beef, housemade tomato sauce, cayenne, onions, cilantro (naturally), pickled jalapeño peppers on a soft bun (I heart soft buns!) and yes, a side of Frito’s© Chips or coleslaw.

Available in both locations August 10th. Yeah, you already know there’s going to be a long line for that now don’t you!

we love Bakesale betty sandwiches

we love Bakesale betty sandwiches

breaking news: bakesale betty to announce new sandwich item on the menu

Bakesale Betty of Oakland, CA

Bakesale Betty of Oakland, CA

Hot off the presses, Bakesale Betty has just posted to Facebook and she has ignited a firestorm of comment. There’s going to be a big announcement tomorrow- a new sandwich. Early guesses are pouring in via her Facebook fan page. Much of the speculation revolves around a bbq pulled pork option. Owing to Betty’s Down-Under roots, MUSE•e•YUM is making its own prediction, a Cheese and Vegemite Sandwich. Logic here.

Stay tuned!

Here are two of the sandwiches that have made Bakesale Betty’s famous, the fried chicken sandwich and the beef brisket~ and check out the recipe for the fried chicken sandwich here.

>UPDATE: news revealed here, after the jump!

world famous Bakesale Betty fried chicken sandwich

world famous Bakesale Betty fried chicken sandwich

Bakesale Betty's beef brisket sandwich

beef brisket sandwich from Bakesale Betty's