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Scientific Illustration

This is a fabulous scroll of scientific illustrations :

CLICK: Scientific Illustration.


‘under-water’ pencil sketch, painted (entirely) digitally using PHOTOSHOP


digital painting, "Underwater Miracle"

digital painting, "Underwater Miracle"



cat sketches

cat drawings

dog character development

dog character development illustration

Character development- inspirational art for my puppy story

This drawing is another one of my favorites.  For my story, The Dog Has to Go, I drew several inspirational sketches.

inspirational illustration dog character

inspirational drawing dog character development

dog character study rough illustration

Once the characters were nailed down, I created a storyboard for my animation.  By scanning the drawings and manipulating them in Adobe After Effects, I created an animatic. I invite you to watch it here.

dog storyboard

scene from my dog storyboard

panel from my dog storyboard

panel from my dog storyboard

panel from my dog storyboard

panel from my dog storyboard

a piece of cake. . .

After way too long, my friend C and I finally caught up yesterday, over a drink. I don’t know where time has gone… and why it goes by so quickly! Having spent so much quality time together during school, talking art, animation and life, I really relished reconnecting with him. He’s an amazing artist and a great guy.  The good feeling of that visit lingered for the rest of the night, and I found myself looking at pictures that I drew in school.  C was right, looking at those old drawings reconnected me to the art student I was when I created them and I feel a renewed creative feeling, a motivation to sketch that I haven’t felt in a while.

Here’s a sequence of drawings that I did in graduate school as development work for a story I devised, one that became a storyboard for my final project. The characters I created are a family of mice who live in the walls of a supermarket.  Getting a a piece of cake for a birthday party turns out to be an ordeal for them but I assure you, everything works out fine in the end!

mouse illustration family

Mouse Family Illustration

Mouse in Supermarket Illustration

Mouse in Supermarket Illustration

mouse illustration

Illustration of Mouse in Supermarket

Mouse Character Design Illustration