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Humphry Slocombe: Teaser of news to come!

Looks like we’ll soon hear the news about the next move from famously popular San Francisco ice creamery, Humphry Slocombe . It was only a matter of time!


From SF Eater:


“The Trick Dog 3010 20th St. bar from the Bon Vivants crew looks to be opening soon, and it will do so without The Parlour by Humphry Slocombe at its side, as originally intended. The new and unexpected neighbor is Sightglass Coffee, who will move into the space originally slated to be a bakery and cafe project from ice cream titans Jake Godby and Sean Vahey. Vahey says the Parlour idea has been shelved altogether, and an official statement about this development follows.”In the three years since Humphry Slocombe came up with The Parlour concept/project, the Humphry Slocombe business has grown and evolved. Currently, we find ourselves excited to expand the Humphry Slocombe brand and have decided to focus on the opportunities we have to do so versus pursuing an entirely new line of business with The Parlour. Accordingly, were passing the space on to our good friends at Sightglass, who we feel will create a business that is incredibly additive to this unique neighborhood.”Vahey teases that there will be more HumpSlo news coming soon. In the meantime, the opening date for Sightglass on 20th Street is still TBA.

via Humphry Slocombe Nixes The Parlour – Switcheroos – Eater SF.


Ice cream in the Dogpatch

Ice cream in the Dogpatch by markevnic72
Ice cream in the Dogpatch, a photo by markevnic72 on Flickr.

Meet the Pink Panther by ice cream superstars Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous. The Pink Panther is an ice cream flavored with almond liquor and chocolate liquors. Rich. You’ll find Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco- urban, trendy and my favorite ice cream shop in the city.

Here are some other flavors I’ve tried there.

a foodie news roundup for you!

Starting with our friends at Mission Mission, news of a new restaurant coming to the MUS•e•YUM backyard, on 24th Street! We already had Rosamunde for top quality sausages, Mission Pie for the ultimate dessert pie and Humphry Slocombe’s for the ice cream. . .  this restaurant puts all three foods into one space! One stop shopping we say…

Homemade sausages and homemade pies coming to former Discolandia space « Mission Mission.

We miss Capri in the Castro. It was a great pocket restaurant for a family style dinner that didn’t break the bank. One could always count on the surly waiter for a funny if not scandalous quip… has he asked everyone to take their shirts off at one point or another? Since the demise of Capri we’ve wondered what would take her place. Tablehopper has the scoop. Spanish! The name, Canela. We love the concept, especially the idea that they’ll have space for casual dropping in to take an espresso… very european indeed!

Details on Canela, Opening Soon in the Castro

More of our favorite things, Chocolate, wine, cheese and charcuterie and in one very cool up and coming neighborhood, the Dogpatch. Very close to our favorite ice cream spot, Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous:

Recchiuti Confections will take over the former Piccino space, 801 22nd Street:


Details on Canela, Opening Soon in the Castro

The latest in Burger News:

We like Super Duper a lot. It’s definitely grown up since it opened a year ago in the Castro. While at first it seemed like a very good (and more expensive) version of an In and Out Burger (thin patties and thin-cut fries, made with very fresh, high-quality ingredients) they ‘ve added some interesting, larger burgers to the menu as well as some great ice cream desserts made with Strauss organics. Success has lead to expansion, not only to Market Street but now, the Marina:
Super Duper Takes Over Johnny Rockets in the Marina

and before the much anticipated Umami Burger opens in Cow Hollow, plans are already underway for an Umami location in the Mission, our backyard here at MUS•e•YUM.

Forthcoming Hayes Valley Ice-Creamery Sounds Like a Foodie Event Horizon – SFist

((SHARE from SFist.com))




“This afternoon, EaterSF takes a look at the construction of Smitten, which could very well be the most densely buzzword-packed restaurant to date. Once you start reading the description, it becomes impossible to turn back no matter how badly you want to. Observe:

Smitten is a made-to-order (slow food: check), liquid nitrogen (molecular gastronomy: check) ice cream shop (frozen dairy products: check) built inside of a recycled shipping container (food truck: check, kinda) that has been dropped in to an empty lot in Hayes Valley (neighborhood revitalization by way of dessert: check). What’s more, the shop’s owner started off with just one liquid nitrogen ice cream machine in a red wagon in the park (food cart: check). That was way back in 2009, even. When people still wanted to eat food at tables. And before you ask: Salted Caramel is on the menu (check).

Still, as much as we’d like to be annoyed by all this, the idea of slobbering all over a handmade pizzelle cone topped with “one of the purest commercial ice creams out there”, some sweaty October afternoon does seem kind of pleasant, doesn’t it? At least it’s not another fro-yo place, right? That would be too L.A.”

via Forthcoming Hayes Valley Ice-Creamery Sounds Like a Foodie Event Horizon – SFist.

What To Expect at Smitten, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Shop – Plywood Special – Eater SF

What To Expect at Smitten, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Shop – Plywood Special – Eater SF.


Anxiously awaiting the arrival of what could be the best ice cream store in the City… Smitten. Check out the story linked above for the details about this venture, which will entail ice cream made-to-order with one of four liquid nitrogen ice cream machines. Smitten is part of a greater project called the Hayes Valley Proxy, a network of shipping containers that will form a food court of sorts in this very cool SF neighborhood. 


From Delfina Pizza to a Suppenkuche beer garden, this is going to be an excellent foodie destination!

the Heartwarming Story of the Open Hand Fluffer Nutter

The people of San Francisco really know how to love. Having lived here for 10 years, I’ve seen people practice charity and kindness, from the simple to the grand, to a degree unsurpassed by anywhere else that I’ve lived. So, when I hear about a story like the one told in the following video, a story of different businesses and groups creatively partnering for the purpose of supporting a single, charitable goal, I love to spread the word and in so doing I love to spread, well, the love. ((In fact, where ice cream is involved, I shout!)) Check out the video below for a story about the partnering of two local organizations, a non-profit and a small business, that embody the very best of San Francisco values. And, I encourage you to support both of them because of what they do for our community. Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!

I give you Project Open Hand* and Humphry Slocombe:

*In the 25 years that Project Open Hand has been serving food, they’ve never missed a single day.

best concert at an ice cream shop, 2010: Jane Wiedlin plays Humphry Slocombe with special guest, Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

Fierce party at Humphry Slocombe's for the "Big Gay Ice Cream Truck" dude

Fierce party at Humphry Slocombe's for the "Big Gay Ice Cream Truck" dude

Humphry Slocombe‘s played host to a birthday party- slash- ice-cream-mashup this summer, 22 August, and the result of this hot-mess conflagration-of-coolness turned out to be one of the most memorable parties of the year. The birthday boy was Doug Quint of the infamous Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Haven’t heard of it yet? It’s a roving ice cream truck out of New York, and it has a cult following there. The man himself chose Humphry Slocombe’s as the site of his party, and dished up a special flavor on-the-spot, Tranny Smackdown:

(“tranny padding” (shortbread baked by Humphry’s Jake Godby), Slocombe strawberry ice cream and marshmallow fluff, smeared “mascara” (dark chocolate sauce), and smeared “lipstick” (Amarena cherry sauce), all topped with Trix cereal.)

Add to the mix Quint’s long-time friend, rocker and former Go-Go Jane Wiedlin, who lives in the Mission(!!) and who, in the column of coolest. birthday. present. ever. debuted her new song Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, a gift for Quint (which you can download on iTunes here)

Rounding out the glamouratti: Yay! Sprinkles and Beach Blanket Babylon were on hand to provide the requisite chic flair, together with lots (and lots) of rainbow balloons…


Beach Blanket Babylon at Humphry Slocombe's

Beach Blanket Babylon at Humphry Slocombe's

Birthday party at Humphry Slocombe's

Birthday party at Humphry Slocombe's

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream, the Mission, SF

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream, the Mission, SF



from food cart to store front; Smitten Ice Cream Opening a Shop in Hayes Valley

photo courtesy SFWeekly, Robyn of Smitten Ice Cream, making made to order ice cream

​Made-to-order ice cream. That’s right, ice cream made on-the-spot at the time you order with the amazing liquid nitrogen ice cream maker-on-a-Radio Flyer wagon dubbed the Kelvin.

The process in fantastic, your scoop arrives in a whoosh of white cloud, like a magic trick, or the most memorable science experiment from that high school chemistry class. (Just follow Twitter for the time and location to find the cart, and you’re good to go!)

But this cart has been so popular, it’s been able to cross-over to brick and mortar. (Well, actually repurposed shipping container . . . see the link to the article below.) Future location? Octavia and Linden, Hayes Valley, SF.

Says the proprietor Robyn Sue Goldman, “We will have four ‘Kelvin’ machines, and each one will be used to churn a different flavor,” explained Goldman. “We will be featuring the freshest seasonal flavors and changing two flavors every week based on what’s best at the market. Every scoop will be made to order, and visitors will even be able to order off the menu, based on the ingredients we have, if they think of something that better suits their taste buds.”

via Scoop! Smitten Ice Cream Opening a Shop in Hayes Valley – San Francisco Restaurants and Dining – SFoodie.

best ice cream shops of San Francisco series: Humphry Slocombe

ice cream from Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco, brown butter and Harvey Milk (honey & graham crackers)

ice cream from Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco, brown butter and Harvey Milk (honey & graham crackers)

Bold, unique flavors, top-quality ice cream, an irreverent aesthetic and the frequency of new flavors (daily) have made Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream destination eating in the Mission. In fact, the store is nationally known, thanks to the New York Times and Food Network.

Humphry Slocombe certainly is emblematic of the neighborhood in which it resides. The Mission is an eclectic place, even for this city. While most SF neighborhoods boast a unique character, I think this neighborhood has not just one personality but three to call its own. The Mission is of course THE latin neighborhood, first and foremost, and home to the original Spanish Mission from whence it derives its name. But, it is also home to a counterculture inked-and-pierced hipster/student/artist/tweeting/coffee-drinking/laptop warrior crowd, riders of fixie-bikes, wearers of vintage clothing and missionaries of alternative lifestyles of all flavors.

Third, the Mission is home to a vibrant and devoted food lovers’ culture, one that values the holy trinity of local, sustainable and organic and evangelizes those values from the neighborhood pulpit.

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream is where at least the last two of these three Mission profiles converge. Owner Jake Godby himself is certainly inked, with ice cream cones etched on his arm and the Pillsbury Doughboy decorating his leg, and his ice cream flavors include ones that (in current Mission fashion) defy all convention- like Prosciutto, Salt & Pepper, foie gras and cucumber ice milk.

Like the murals on Balmy Alley, kitty corner across 24th Street from his shop, Godby uses every color in the box when devising his ice creams. But while there’s plenty of Mission irreverence and irony in some of the names (like Rosemary’s Baby, Jesus Juice or Elvis, the Fat Years) Godby’s attention to the quality of the ingredients and ice-cream-making process show a reverence of the highest kind. His ice cream is art. Albeit, Dada.

He’s known to make small batches from the best ingredients he can find from blackberries to mushrooms to 100 year scotch and as such, the flavors available change daily. The promise of something truly amazing, or at least a good dare, compels people to follow Humphry Slocombe dutifully on Twitter so as not to miss out on the latest experiment. And followers he has!

All this excitement around the store and of course, the great ice cream make this a favorite spot of mine. I’ve had some flavors that I liked and some I didn’t but I always go back because when it’s good, it’s really good. And, if it’s bad, at least it will probably become a good story for later.

Flavors I’ve tried:

Secret Breakfast, very sweet and rich base, rounded by the alcohol but not overpowered by it. Cornflakes add a nice texture and balance the sweet nicely.

Jesus Juice, sorbet in texture, not milky, rather the intense flavor of wine only slightly curbed by the sweetness of cola. Can be cloying by last lick.

Brown Butter, utterly good, sweet, buttery and rich. You’ll finish it wanting more.

Harvey Milk (Honey, graham crackers), very Milky, very sweet, I’m not much of a honey fan but loved this. The graham crackers really showcase the flavor and add an interesting texture.

Rosemary’s Baby, love the combination of rosemary and pine nuts. Very savory flavor which can be a little cloying after the last bite. The first taste was the best.

McEvoy Olive Oil, the new vanilla. Lovely neutral flavor and not ‘too’ oil-y

Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee, intensely bright yet still milky and creamy.

Tahitian Vanilla, this is an incredible vanilla.

Peanut Butter Curry, savory and the best bite was the first. Can be cloying.

Thai Chile Lime, bright and bold, one bite is great but one scoop might be just too much.

Salt and Pepper, try it. It’s a neat flavor but don’t get more than a spoon full unless you love it. A scoop is nearly inedible and  the first ice cream I’ve ever thrown away.

Ancho Chocolate, chocolate with pepper. It’s neat!

Hibiscus Beet, totally unique (to me) flavor profile. Didn’t like or dislike. Try it. One spoonful probably enough.

Limoncello Italian Ice, can’t get enough of this one, like a sherbet, milky and intensely lemoney.

Elvis, the Fat years. Peanut butter with banana pieces and bacon bit. Love the combination of peanut butter and salty, bacon. Banana barely noticeable but on the whole a delicious flavor

Sweet Corn, sounds crazy but really, really good. Very milky and custardy, the notes of egg very present, in a good way. The flavor was subtle and rich, but  not cloying at all.

secret breakfast and jesus juice ice cream from Humphry Slocombe

secret breakfast and jesus juice ice cream from Humphry Slocombe

the best sandwiches, the best ice cream and the best park, all within two blocks of home!

On a day like today I can’t think of a better place in the world to live than the Castro. Our evening plans having been cancelled, L. and I made an impromptu plan- a picnic! We took a short walk down the hill and bought sandwiches at Ike’s Place on 16th at Sanchez Street. Ike’s is one of the best sandwich companies in the country (it’s the “Dirty Sauce”) and I’m so glad he’s got the press exposure to back it up, not only because the food is so excellent but also because the owner, Ike Shehadah, happens to be such a great guy. Check out his story on Food Network.

sandwiches from Ike's Place in the Castro, San Francisco

sandwiches from Ike's Place in the Castro, San Francisco

Sandwiches in hand, we continued walking right to Dolores Park, which is two blocks down the street from our place. Even at 6pm there was a party atmosphere there, some ravers having set up a sound system pumping out house music to dancers and hoola hoopers alike, with lots of folks just lying in the grass enjoying the sight of the fog rolling in just above the panoramic view of the San Francisco skyline, the clouds just barely obscuring the tip of the TransAmerica building.

San Francisco skyline as seen from Dolores Park

San Francisco skyline as seen from Dolores Park

When we finished our sandwiches we decided to make one last stop. At the corner of Dolores Park happens to be one of the best ice cream parlors in the country, Bi-Rite Creamery. There’s always a line but it is so worth it. Tonight, I went for a scoop of brown butter pecan atop a scoop of cookies and creme.

Ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery

Ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery

The walk home afforded the spectacle of the fog blowing in over Twin Peaks and spilling into the Castro, backlit by the sun. Whisps of white curled around Sutro Tower and vanished into the blue above. Unbelievable how beautiful that is.

fog as seen from Dolores Park

fog as seen from Dolores Park

fog over Twin Peaks

fog over Twin Peaks