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Pal’s Take Away Moving – Eater SF

From Eater SF: “As previously suspected, the beloved sandwich makers of Pal’s Take Away are really moving out of Tony’s Market, and it’s happening “sometime after January 2013.” Owner Jeff Mason wants a new Mission location with a full kitchen: for better sandwiches, more tables, and expanded hours. Check out the Kickstarter video with cameos from Josey Baker, Richie Nakano, and Roli Roti’s Thomas Odermatt. [EaterWire]

Story via Pal’s Take Away Moving – Eater SF.”

Pals Takeaway photo

Great food and good cheer at Pal’s, all made from hyper local sources! David Knopp (left) and owner Jeff Mason share a light moment behind the counter during a busy lunchtime at Pal’s Take Away. Photo: The Chronicle

MUS-e-YUM notes:

We encountered Pal’s Take away about three years ago in 2009 (rumor had it that amazing sandwiches were being served at lunchtime from the counter of the deli in Tony’s Market, a nondescript corner market in the Mission. Rumors proved to be true!) For a while we were obsessed in particular with the Wednesday tradition started at Pals, a rotating guest chef would create a special sandwich, available only on that day. From Jake Godby of Humphry Slocombe to Danny Bowein of Mission Chinese Food, Pal’s had guest chefs that pulled from the best of the San Francsico food theme, creating fantasy sandwiches. Indeed, there was a lot of great fun happening at this surprisingly little place, and we have had a lot of amazing food there. We here at MUS e YUM wish the owner Jeff Mason well on his new venture and look forward to following his food!!

Here’s what Jeff has to say about his food:

“The idea for Pal’s started A couple of years ago,when I thought that it would be a great idea to open a small take out sandwich counter that serves clean, great tasting new twists on old favorites at a reasonable price using all fresh,organic local ingredients from my grower friends and neighborhood backyard gardens.”

Pal's logo

Look for the Pal’s TakeAway logo

Pal’s Take away

2751 24th Street (( at the corner of Hampshire ))

San Francisco, CA

(Pals is inside Tony’s Market)


best burger series, the Kronnerburger pop-up

logo, kronner burger

Kronner Burger logo

WE LOVE the pop up phenomenon that has become just one part of the food scene in San Francisco. The format brings rapid iteration to the streets, for a night or two a week a chef can try out a new concept, enjoying low overhead that frees the maker of the food to be experimental. The atmosphere is fun, full of foodie anticipation, and the owner of the space can bring a lot of variety to the neighborhood by trying different chefs on different nights for limited runs.

Brunos has hosted some very successful pop ups in the recent past, like Brunch Drunk Love. Now, the space gives way to burgers on Sundays and the oft overlooked Monday nights. If the concept, called KronnerBurgers, continues to do well, look for the owner to go full time and, by the sound of  the menu, it just might. We wonder how the addition of bone-marrow to the burger enhances the umami experience… We’re always looking for the best burger, so look for a review soon.

Thanks Inside Scoop SF for the story! Inside Scoop SF » The KronnerBurger era begins at Bruno’s.

Right on schedule, Chris Kronner kicked off his KronnerBurger project at Bruno’s these past Sunday and Monday nights; to be specific, he’s inhabiting the little side area to the left of Bruno’s, a dark room usually reserved for weekend club crowd overflow.

The opening menu (click here to view) will be tweaked continually, but the most recent incarnation included a crab burger ($14), fries ($4), a wedge salad ($10) and of course, the signature KronnerBurger ($11). Marrow in various forms was also involved.

On the booze side, Gabriel Lowe (Locanda) will be on cocktail duty going forward. Sayre Piotrkowski (St. Vincent) will help out with the beers, and Sutton Cellars is going to provide a Basque-style cider.

So the important part: the schedule. For now, Kronner will be slinging burgers on Sunday and Monday nights for sure. This Saturday (12/1), he’ll be open for “happy hour” from 4:30pm-8pm.

In the coming weeks, he expects to continue to expand hours and days of operation, with the eventual goal of being open 7 days a week. Stay tuned and tune into Facebook for updates and specifics.

KronnerBurger: 2379 Mission Street, near 20th; kronnerburger.com

· Previously: Chris Kronner and his burgers descend upon Bruno’s [Inside Scoop]

Tableware as Sensorial Stimuli cutlery by Jinhyun Jeon

How would our experience of food change if the tool used to deliver it to our mouths was …different? Different in terms of color, texture or even temperature from that to which we’re accustomed? The article that follows explores the idea that our perception of taste is not confined exclusively to the properties of a particular food itself but rather, an experience that encompasses all our senses. Can we change what we taste by manipulating factors outside the food? the maker of this line of tableware wants to find out, and has made knives, spoons and forks of varied colors, textures, weights, and even temperatures. Follow the link for details and of course, photos:


“By exploring synesthesia, if we can stretch the borders of what tableware can do, the eating experience can be enriched in multi-­cross­‐wiring ways. The tableware we use for eating should not just be a tool for placing food in our mouth, but it should become an extension of our body, challenging our senses even in the moment when the food is still on its way to being consumed.Each of these designs has been created to stimulate or train different senses, allowing more than just our tastebuds to be engaged in the act and enjoyment of eating as sensorial stimuli, therefore it would lead the way of mindful eating which guides to rediscovering a healthy and joyful relationship with food.”

via Tableware as Sensorial Stimuli cutlery by Jinhyun Jeon.

Wise Sons pop into Ferry Building farmers’ market

Last year, Evan Bloom and Leo Beckerman saw opportunity in the lack of stellar Jewish cuisine in San Francisco, so they started the search for a restaurant space to house their Jewish deli concept, appropriately named Wise Sons.

via Wise Sons pop into Ferry Building farmers’ market.

a foodie news roundup for you!

Starting with our friends at Mission Mission, news of a new restaurant coming to the MUS•e•YUM backyard, on 24th Street! We already had Rosamunde for top quality sausages, Mission Pie for the ultimate dessert pie and Humphry Slocombe’s for the ice cream. . .  this restaurant puts all three foods into one space! One stop shopping we say…

Homemade sausages and homemade pies coming to former Discolandia space « Mission Mission.

We miss Capri in the Castro. It was a great pocket restaurant for a family style dinner that didn’t break the bank. One could always count on the surly waiter for a funny if not scandalous quip… has he asked everyone to take their shirts off at one point or another? Since the demise of Capri we’ve wondered what would take her place. Tablehopper has the scoop. Spanish! The name, Canela. We love the concept, especially the idea that they’ll have space for casual dropping in to take an espresso… very european indeed!

Details on Canela, Opening Soon in the Castro

More of our favorite things, Chocolate, wine, cheese and charcuterie and in one very cool up and coming neighborhood, the Dogpatch. Very close to our favorite ice cream spot, Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous:

Recchiuti Confections will take over the former Piccino space, 801 22nd Street:


Details on Canela, Opening Soon in the Castro

The latest in Burger News:

We like Super Duper a lot. It’s definitely grown up since it opened a year ago in the Castro. While at first it seemed like a very good (and more expensive) version of an In and Out Burger (thin patties and thin-cut fries, made with very fresh, high-quality ingredients) they ‘ve added some interesting, larger burgers to the menu as well as some great ice cream desserts made with Strauss organics. Success has lead to expansion, not only to Market Street but now, the Marina:
Super Duper Takes Over Johnny Rockets in the Marina

and before the much anticipated Umami Burger opens in Cow Hollow, plans are already underway for an Umami location in the Mission, our backyard here at MUS•e•YUM.

best concert at an ice cream shop, 2010: Jane Wiedlin plays Humphry Slocombe with special guest, Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

Fierce party at Humphry Slocombe's for the "Big Gay Ice Cream Truck" dude

Fierce party at Humphry Slocombe's for the "Big Gay Ice Cream Truck" dude

Humphry Slocombe‘s played host to a birthday party- slash- ice-cream-mashup this summer, 22 August, and the result of this hot-mess conflagration-of-coolness turned out to be one of the most memorable parties of the year. The birthday boy was Doug Quint of the infamous Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Haven’t heard of it yet? It’s a roving ice cream truck out of New York, and it has a cult following there. The man himself chose Humphry Slocombe’s as the site of his party, and dished up a special flavor on-the-spot, Tranny Smackdown:

(“tranny padding” (shortbread baked by Humphry’s Jake Godby), Slocombe strawberry ice cream and marshmallow fluff, smeared “mascara” (dark chocolate sauce), and smeared “lipstick” (Amarena cherry sauce), all topped with Trix cereal.)

Add to the mix Quint’s long-time friend, rocker and former Go-Go Jane Wiedlin, who lives in the Mission(!!) and who, in the column of coolest. birthday. present. ever. debuted her new song Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, a gift for Quint (which you can download on iTunes here)

Rounding out the glamouratti: Yay! Sprinkles and Beach Blanket Babylon were on hand to provide the requisite chic flair, together with lots (and lots) of rainbow balloons…


Beach Blanket Babylon at Humphry Slocombe's

Beach Blanket Babylon at Humphry Slocombe's

Birthday party at Humphry Slocombe's

Birthday party at Humphry Slocombe's

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream, the Mission, SF

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream, the Mission, SF



share: more news from sfeater re:Hayes Valley Proxy Plan

According to SF Eater reporting, we’ll start to see the first vendors rolling out their businesses @ the Hayes Valley Proxy Project by the end of this month. Looking forward to seeing just how this innovative space will evolve! With vendors like Smitten Ice Cream, Suppenkuche, 4505 Meats and Pizzeria Delfina, the project planners hold the bar high. This is going to be destination dining folks; don’t miss this one. Together with Hayes Valley Farm, Ecstasy, and See Saw, there’s a lot going on in this dynamic neighborhood!

Full story here:

Sounds as if Hayes Valley’s game-changing Proxy Project, which we last heard was rolling out in December with some 4505 Meats action, is now maybe hopefully going to start rolling out this month. SFoodie has the latest on its planned pop-up installment, wherein a series of guest chefs and possibly La Cocina businesses would pop-up in one of the architectural pods created by modified shipping containers. As far as the length of each chef stint goes: “It could be for a week, a month, or even just a night or two.” As of today the roll-out schedule for the other Proxy businesses is as follows: Smitten Ice Cream and Ritual Coffee in January, Suppenküche’s Biergarten in March, then 4505 Meats, the pop-up gigs and finally Pizzeria Delfina.

the best chocolate chip cookie in San Francisco is at Goody Goodie!

Can there be any doubt why SFWeekly chose Goody Goodie Cream & Sugar as the best Chocolate Chip cookie? Check out this photo:

Chocolate Chip with Coconut Cookie by Goody Goodie Cream and Sugar, San Francisco

Chocolate Chip with Coconut Cookie by Goody Goodie Cream and Sugar, San Francisco

my photo, currently featured on one of my FAV websites, Tablehopper~

salsa trio

salsa trio

I am very excited to report that one of my photos has made it onto one of my favorite websites/columns, Tablehopper, the go-to source for information about what’s going on in the San Francisco food scene. Thanks Marcia!

This week, Tablehopper started a new feature, “Déjà Vu: Have We Not Met Before?”. Photos of two similar dishes are shown and  the reader is invited to guess the restaurant of origin for each, and which came first. In this inaugural column, the face-off is between two salsa trios. I know  the provenance of one of them, of course. I have no idea about the other. Do you have a guess. . . ?