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Your trash talking tuesday tip: Or else!

April Fools.


A Pep Talk from Kid President to You – YouTube

Because, “we’re all made to be AWESOME.”


Click here for A Pep Talk from Kid President to You – YouTube.

if you’re looking for a great gift idea. . .

Lots of ideas for a great gift (round up below) and if you’re looking for a fun afternoon of browsing, check out the Renegade Craft fair today if you’re in San Francsico, LA, Chicago, NYC or London. We’ re not huge fans of large retailers for gifts. We prefer giving (and receiving) something unique, handmade and best of all, local. Those gifts have heart. They might even be green. Keep your eyes peeled for artisans who explore REUSE in making their items rather than using virgin materials. Maybe they’re using recycled materials, too. How about food products, grown and packaged locally? If your vendor is local, you can be assured the carbon footprint in distribution is low.

So follow the link and learn more about the fair and if you can’t go, look for local artisans in your community… San Francisco Holiday Info « Renegade Craft Fair.

Here are some other ideas for you San Francisco folks:

Letter Press stationary, handmade cards and screen print dish cloths by

ink.paper.plate Press or Coffee n Cream Press

Beautiful hand cut wooden products, like cutting boards, stools, etc:

Bruce Powell Fine Woodworking

Local Honey grown by the busy bees at Hayes Valley Farm

HONEY!! **

(**note, this is a the last year for Hayes Valley Farm and their project, Project BEE – Cause. Get the last jar of honey from this amazing experiment in permaculture!)

Give a *Reusable bag* filled with *reusable stainless steel mug* and colorful *microfiber cloths*, make yourself a little gift that speaks Green; )

Support local certified SF Green Business , and baker, Mission Pie. Supporting them you’ll also be supporting their outreach to inner city kids, teaching them how to farm.

Get  a basket of baked goods at our favorite bakery, Thorough Bread and Pastry. Supporting them supports the students of the San Francisco bread making institute.

Get some cheese to go with that bread: La Fromagerie (2425 3rd Street, SF). They have raw milk cheese!

And jars of amazing peanut brittle or handmade marshmallows at Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous.

your trash talking tuesday tip: Brought to you by Mitt Romney

Your Trash Talking Tuesday tip:

Nobody can talk trash like Mitt Romney, so today’s installment of Trash Talk is devoted to exclusively to him. Unwilling to let Fact get in the way of his run for the White House, he’s willing to mislead and lie in order to drum up a few more votes. Look no further than the ad he’s just run in Ohio, excoriating Obama for taking Detroit carmakers into Bankruptcy.

Thanks to the Washington Post factcheckers for giving that ad four Pinocchio’s for the fibs contained in that little ad.

Don’t waste your vote on Romney.

Waste Nothing.

4 Pinocchios for Mitt Romney’s misleading ad on Chrysler and China – The Washington Post.

Your Trash Talking Tuesday Tip: What’s wrong here?

20120809_trash02det by markevnic72
20120809_trash02det, a photo by markevnic72 on Flickr.

Your Trash Talking Tuesday tip:

What’s wrong with this picture? This is the blue recycling bin and it’s for recyclable hard plastics, paper, glass and aluminum cans- NOT PLASTIC BAGS. Plastic film of any kind does NOT go in the Blue Bin. That means no plastic bags, celophane, plastic wrappers, shrink wrap, cling wrap and the like. Bags and film ruin the recycling machines and cost your city up to a million dollars a year in repairs. Take your plastic bags and films to your local grocery store where there are special collection points for bag recycling. Put BAGS where they belong, and recycle them in the right way…
waste nothing.

waste nothing!

Your trash talking tuesday tip: Not on the curb!

20120808_trash01det by markevnic72
20120808_trash01det, a photo by markevnic72 on Flickr.

Don’t leave your trash on the curb. Break down your cardboard boxes and deposit them in the blue cart. Your garbage collector will be glad you did.

Waste nothing.

Your trash talking tuesday tip: Creative ReUse!

Your Tuesday Trash Talking tip:
Recycle and reuse your aluminum foil and other shiny bits- turn them into a suit and wear it at the Castro Street Fair!

Your Trash Talking Tuesday Tip: compost your supper

20120820_compost02det by markevnic72
20120820_compost02det, a photo by markevnic72 on Flickr.

I was amazed by how much compostable stuff can be generated after making just one supper. Here you’ll see I filled nearly half a grocery bag after preparing and consuming one meal. So, save those scraps and put them to work. Put them in the Green Bin and divert them from wasting away in landfill. Waste nothing.

Sad French Kitty Wins ‘Best Cat Video on the Internet’

we love the ennui of Henri…

Sad French Kitty Wins ‘Best Cat Video on the Internet’.

trash talk tuesday, san francisco events strive for zero waste

In its fourth year, the San Francisco Street Food Festival has become an incredibly popular event. From 20th to 26th Streets, the most beautiful part of Folsom Street is shut down to cars to make room for around 100 food vendors, and 80,000 guests. Trash is a given. But thanks to the efforts of the event team La Cocina and their collaboration with Zero Waste experts at SF Environment, Recology , discarded material that would go to landfill is now diverted to compost and recycling channels. It’s great to see waste diversion front and center at local events, and great to see people participating in keeping this city clean and green. After all, almost nothing has to go to landfill, we have a viable alternative. Waste nothing.

Via Flickr:
at the 2012 San Francisco Street Food Fair on Folsom

Congratulations to them for striving to make this a zero waste event!