A rotating exhibit of the things I love most about living in San Francisco.

Adobe After Effects Work

My Animatic Entitled, “Caravan to Cairo”, on Vimeo

I invite you to click the link below, my animation called “Caravan to Cairo”. Based on an original story, I scanned my storyboard and timed it in Adobe AfterEffects and Premiere.

animatic for an original story, “Caravan to Cairo” from Mark Nicholas on Vimeo.


Click the Link Below to Watch My Animatic, on Vimeo

The Dog has to Go from Mark Nicholas on Vimeo.

This animatic was created by scanning my original storyboard and placing it in a timeline with effects added in Adobe After Effects.

2d animation reel

Here’s a link to my 2d animation reel, which I completed for my Master’s Program at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

2d animation reel for Mark K. Nicholas from Mark Nicholas on Vimeo.

animatic fun, a little animation I made from my storyboards, using Adobe After Effects

Click here–>> The Dog has to Go from Mark Nicholas on Vimeo.