A rotating exhibit of the things I love most about living in San Francisco.

Rough Sketches

sketch inspired by pixar’s ratatouille

One of many rough sketches I rendered as a contractor for LeapFrog, ca. 2006. My task was to create rough layout drawings which would define the various pages of their Ratatouille LeapPad.


pencil sketch inspired by scene from the Pixar movie, "Ratatouille"


monday figure drawing workshop, theme: “batgirl”

Tonight I attended a figure drawing workshop, and really enjoyed it. The workshop is intended for animators so the models pose in costume- tonight’s theme was Batgirl. The poses are short in duration and dynamic, changing every one, three, or five minutes, so the emphasis lies more on speed and on capturing the ‘gesture’ of a movement, rather than on drawing a realistic, representational portrait. Capturing the ‘attitude’ of the character, ‘pushing’ the pose and, perhaps creating a little story with one’s drawing, are very much encouraged.


some '5 minute' sketches from tonight's figure drawing workshop for animators

cat sketches

cat drawings

dog character development

dog character development illustration

Character development- inspirational art for my puppy story

This drawing is another one of my favorites.  For my story, The Dog Has to Go, I drew several inspirational sketches.

inspirational illustration dog character

inspirational drawing dog character development

dog character study rough illustration

Once the characters were nailed down, I created a storyboard for my animation.  By scanning the drawings and manipulating them in Adobe After Effects, I created an animatic. I invite you to watch it here.

dog storyboard

scene from my dog storyboard

panel from my dog storyboard

panel from my dog storyboard

panel from my dog storyboard

panel from my dog storyboard