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burger-truck face off. That’s right.

We’ve been wondering why this city full of food trucks didn’t have one devoted to the burger (hmm!) and now, lo and behold, we have two! Here’s the scoop, straight from SF EATER. Of note, the second truck they mention, Doc’s By the Bay, also has a vegetarian option that sounds kinda good, actually…

These guys can be found (among other locations) at some of the Off the Grid hotspots, check the OTG website for details (for more Off the Grid commentary, jump here)

Burger Truck Faceoff 2011: Doc’s of the Bay vs. Fivetenburger

Friday, May 13, 2011, by Carolyn Alburger


In the great tradition of January’s BBQ Truck faceoff, we now bring you Burger Truck Faceoff 2011. We’ve heard numerous complaints about the lack of burger-wielding food trucks in San Francisco of late. And soon, where there were none, there shall be two—both of them flipping burgers to-order from an on-truck griddle. As Zak Silverman’s Doc’s of the Bay deals with its public hearings for two future Mission locations, we learn of new player Fivetenburger, suiting up for action. Both burger vehicles will be rolling up to Off the Grid’s Civic Center edition for the next two Tuesdays. So consider it your fleeting chance to try the contenders side-by-side. Behold now, the vitals for each.

510%20Burger.jpg1) Fivetenburger
Mastermind: San Antonio-native and former Bar Johnny chef Roland Robles
Burger Style: Choice of grain-fed Golden Gate Meats or Eel River Ranch 100% grass-fed ground beef on a proprietary North Beach Bakery Co. bun Robles “spent months perfecting”
Special Sauce?: Yes. Housemade spicy mustard, garlic mayo and a “secret spice mix”
Location: Off the Grid, Civic Center
The Extras: A cage-free egg, applewood bacon or garlic fries can be added to each order.
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Doc%27s%20Burger.jpg2) Doc’s of the Bay
Mastermind: New Jersey-native Zak Silverman
Burger Style: Organic black Angus beef, Mid-Western smashburger technique
Special Sauce?: Yes. Housemade ketchup and a special ratio of minced onions worked into each patty
Location: Washington St. by the TransAmerica building, Off the Grid, Civic Center on Tuesdays, every other Sunday outside Homestead, possibly two locations in the Mission next month
The Extras: Doc’s has a black bean veggie burger that’s been driving vegetarians crazy


One response

  1. qinnoe

    Did you see where Eater also had a burger showdown that included a few others non food-truck burgers? Check here: http://sf.eater.com/archives/2011/05/06/forgive_us_as_we_bring.php

    In honor of Burger Week, they tasted burgers from Fifth Floor, SuperDuper, Citizens Band, and ….. a mystery burger that turned out to be …. go read it!

    May 24, 2011 at 8:22 am

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