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Smitten is OPEN…YAY!

We’ve been waiting a while for this one. Smitten, center of a lot of buzz in the local ice cream scene (check out our Smitten post, here), is finally open for business in the fledgling Hayes Valley Proxy project, soon to be THE hot summer foodie destination (coming, a beer garden by Suppenkuche and a pizza kiosk by Delfina, among others) Smitten dishes out the freshest ice cream you can buy anywhere: it’s made to order using a fantastic liquid nitrogen freezing system that whizzes and smokes and delivers decadent deliciousness right before your very eyes!

Check out this article in the Daily Candy and stay tuned for our on-the-ground coverage, coming soon;-) Homemade pizzelle cones…

Smitten Ice Cream Shop Opens in Hayes Valley

Made-to-Order Scoops in 60 Seconds

smitten ice cream san francisco!

Time was, seeing Smitten’s Red Flyer wagon around town meant one thing: sprinting after it for a scoop of ice cream like you hadn’t eaten in days.

Hang up your running shoes and park it on a milk crate in the Hayes Valley Proxy Project instead. That’s where Smitten just opened a shop.

Owner Robyn Sue Goldman’s innovative liquid-nitrogen machine (the Kelvin) means each scoop is made one at a time, in just a minute. The freshest in-season ingredients and creative flavor combos (maple brown sugar butternut squash and candied pecans; banana chocolate chunk; strawberry and white balsamic) top even your childhood ice cream fantasies.

For now, order a cup of the speedy treat; homemade pizzelle cones and cookie sandos are on the way. No matter what flavor you choose, consider Smitten a justifiable detour in your diet.

Smitten Ice Cream, 432 Octavia Street, at Linden Street, suite 1a (415-863-1518 or smittenicecream.com).


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