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Meyer lemon and huckleberry donut from Dynamo Donuts, SF

Meyer lemon and huckleberry donut from Dynamo Donuts, SF

Dear readers you know we’re all over this event: Dynamo Donuts has teamed up with Project Open Hand for what could be the event of the year. On Friday March 18th, at Dynamo Donuts on 24th, you will get yes, free donuts and free beer from 4-6. Be assured, it’s the good stuff. . . you’ll already know Dynamo Donuts rock as evidenced by some pictures we’ve previously posted, here and here, and the beer will be a craft brew from Austria, Stiegl.


You’ll know from a previous MUS•e•YUM post that Project Open Hand has a track record for teaming up with foodie-favorite hotspots in town, like Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream, which is right down the street from Dynamo, on Harrison.

Here’s the story, as published on Facebook:

We are excited to announce a new collaborative effort with Dynamo Donuts. On Friday, March 18th, Dynamo Donuts will launch their newest doughnut flavor, Open Hand Peanut Butter Banana. To celebrate the flavor’s debut, we will give away FREE doughnuts paired with FREE Stiegl beer, an Austrian specialty, on March 18th from 4-6pm at the bakery on 2760 24th Street. Come out and celebrate a delicious treat that benefits your cherished San Francisco non-profit organization. It’s eating for a good cause!

*Guests will be invited to name the new doughnut. The individual who comes up with the winning name will receive an incredible prize!

We hope to see you there!

this is a dynamo donut

this is a dynamo donut


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