A rotating exhibit of the things I love most about living in San Francisco.

garden score, new cobblestones and a rescue plant found discarded on the street

Nearly fell off my scooter last night when I saw these discarded cobblestones at the site of a public works project, ready to be sent downtown for grinding. (Can you imagine???) This morning of course, meant hauling them out-back to the garden. Let’s make a little retaining wall with them!

the day started off right when I found some discarded cobblestones. Voila~ Let's start a new wall!

The mother of all finds. . . Cobblestones! Voila~ Let's start a new wall!

my latest "rescue" plant, a palm chucked and put out to the curb on my block

my latest "rescue" plant, a banana tree chucked and put out to the curb on my block

Found across the street on the curb, the plant was completely root-bound and sickly. When I finally managed to pry it from its container it was easy to see why the plant was sick, too- the poor thing was soaked, and sitting in stale (stinky) water. The bottom layer of roots had completely rotted so I removed those mushy parts (yeah, yuck) but the roots around the root ball looked significantly better, at least. By george I think he’s going to make it; I repotted him in a larger plant, perched upon a drainage layer of broken styrofoam pieces, and surrounded the root ball with cactus soil.


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