A rotating exhibit of the things I love most about living in San Francisco.

best of 2010, our favorite bakery is Thorough Bread and Pastry

breads at thorough bread and pastry, sf

breads at thorough bread and pastry, sf

It was a great year for bakeries in SF, with several notable openings. Yet despite the competition one bakery still holds the title of our favorite and that is Thorough Bread and Pastry.

Why we love it:

– beautifully prepared food, every item we’ve ever had there has been exquisite

– broad choice, from morning pastries and loaves of bread to small, beautifully decorated artisanal desserts, parisian macarons and even sandwich offerings at lunch

– the prices are very reasonable, and it’s a great value for your money

– the beautiful space, perfect for lingering. Not only is there ample seating indoors but check out the charming garden behind- it’s a great place to read over your coffe or, to take a special friend for lunch.

– they have a mission, and that is to train future bakers. This store is affiliated with the San Francisco Baking Institute and serves as a laboratory for the students.


– friendly, quick service. It’s quite fun to shop here, and they’ll take good care of you.

Thorough Bread and Pastry

248 Church St (between Market St & 15th St)

San Francisco, CA 94114

Neighborhood: Castro

morning pastries at Thorough Bread and Pastry, Castro, SF

morning pastries at Thorough Bread and Pastry, Castro, SF


3 responses

  1. I thank Mark for bringing Thorough Bread to my attention, and i have to add that for those of us who don’t have much money anymore, their baguettes at $1.50 are one of SF’s best buys. I feel guilty about almost never buying anything else.

    December 31, 2010 at 5:41 pm

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