A rotating exhibit of the things I love most about living in San Francisco.

is butterscotch the new caramel??? we’re calling it a new trend here at MUS•e•YUM

just spotted, butterscotch pudding layered with chocolate at Pinky’s Bakery, epicenter of inked-bakery-goodness in the heart of the SOMA district. A foodie friend and I were talking scones the other day and he mentioned his own killer recipe for butterscotch scones, and it got us to thinking here at MUS•e•YUM . . . Caramel, beware.

We submit to you the kitchen-sink style ”Crack” cookies of hot new food truck, 3-SUM EATS, which feature prominently butterscotch chips. The only pudding on celebrity chef/owner Ryan Scott’s dessert menu is butterscotch. But, that’s not the only place to get your butterscotch pudding fix. You can find it at Susie Cakes in the Marina, as well. We think we might be seeing the making of a trend.

But perhaps the most decadent offering of  them all, and the one that seals the deal for us, was found recently at Off the Grid. On the heels of a salted caramel love-fest here in San Francisco what did we find. . . ? The butterscotch parisian macarons of Christopher David, sold, courtesy the Curbside Coffee truck.

We love the idea here at MUS•e•YUM. What do you think? Caramel or Butterscotch? The phone lines are open.


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