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gift ideas, anyone?

plant lover's delight at Succulence, Cortland Street, Bernal Heights, SF

plant lover's delight at Succulence, Cortland Street, Bernal Heights, SF

I don’t know about you, but as for me. . . Christmas time always brings the perennial gifting dilemma. Both to help you and to keep a running list going here, I’ve started to make a list of some interesting AND budget-friendly ideas I’ve discovered this year. And PLEASE, feel free to add your own ideas to the list via comments. And I want to make it very clear, this is my own list and I’ve made it for fun. I’ve not been approached by anyone to endorse these products in any way. I just like them.

• check the web for local gift fairs like this one in the Mission, San Francisco: La Cocina Gift Fair, 10 December 4-9pm, 2868 Mission St

• make a custom photo book online, given the delight your loved one will experience, this is always a super option. There are lots of services from which to choose.

• lots of japanese-branded gifts under $10 at Daiso, in Japantown

Gama-Go for fun t-shirts, as well as cartoony accessories

Hats at Goorin Brothers, there’s an awesome deal this weekend, 11-12 December mention “sample sale” in-store or online for 25% off your purchase. And if you go to the warehouse, where the actual sample sale is to be held, receive up to 75% off. Details here.

• Gift certificate Landmark Movie Theaters (the chain of independent movie theaters with several locations in the San Francisco Bay Area)

• set of two museum passes for the De Young, Costco

• Jar of Peanut Brittle, Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous, and while your there get lots of ice cream for yourself. Because you deserve it.

• Pack of parisian macarons, Thorough Bread and Pastry

• whoopie pies/gobs, Gobba Gobba Hey

• glass globe terrariums with tillandsia (air plants) or succulents Flora Grubb, Paxton Gate or make your own- the best price on empty glass globes is CB2

• succulents or specialty solar lighting for the gardener on your list, Succulence

• decorative objects made of barnacles. Ok, you just have to see them. Add tillandsia for a great centerpiece for your dining table

• carnivorous plants from Plant it Earth

• home-made gifts and other food “takehomeables” at the SF Underground Farmer’s Market, Saturday 18 December. You’ll need to sign up via this link to get more information because, well, it’s “underground” . Tantalizing? Good. Sign up and find out more.


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