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from food cart to store front; Smitten Ice Cream Opening a Shop in Hayes Valley

photo courtesy SFWeekly, Robyn of Smitten Ice Cream, making made to order ice cream

​Made-to-order ice cream. That’s right, ice cream made on-the-spot at the time you order with the amazing liquid nitrogen ice cream maker-on-a-Radio Flyer wagon dubbed the Kelvin.

The process in fantastic, your scoop arrives in a whoosh of white cloud, like a magic trick, or the most memorable science experiment from that high school chemistry class. (Just follow Twitter for the time and location to find the cart, and you’re good to go!)

But this cart has been so popular, it’s been able to cross-over to brick and mortar. (Well, actually repurposed shipping container . . . see the link to the article below.) Future location? Octavia and Linden, Hayes Valley, SF.

Says the proprietor Robyn Sue Goldman, “We will have four ‘Kelvin’ machines, and each one will be used to churn a different flavor,” explained Goldman. “We will be featuring the freshest seasonal flavors and changing two flavors every week based on what’s best at the market. Every scoop will be made to order, and visitors will even be able to order off the menu, based on the ingredients we have, if they think of something that better suits their taste buds.”

via Scoop! Smitten Ice Cream Opening a Shop in Hayes Valley – San Francisco Restaurants and Dining – SFoodie.


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