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Cinnaholic needs your help! « Blog « Cinnaholic

Cinnaholic needs your help! « Blog « Cinnaholic.

from the Cinnaholic website

from the Cinnaholic website; they have the sexiest food photography around!

I am reposting this because I find the situation so interesting, and I want to spread the word on this awesome Gift Certificate promotion, that rewards you with 15% over the purchase price (see link above for details). While I haven’t been to Cinnaholic yet, it sits at the very top of my “to-do” list. Having opened a little over two months ago, the buzz on the internet via social media posts, blogs, and online news sources has been among the strongest I’ve seen for any business, demonstrating the power of word-of-mouth when customers find a business they love. After reading the reviews, I simply can’t wait to try their cinnamon rolls!

Now, Cinnaholic has found a way to tap this buzz (which is really a form of loyalty) using the power and reach of social media to raise money quickly through micro-lending, obviating the role of the bank and engaging their very customers, returning the face value of the purchase price of a gift certificate with 15% interest. What a great idea and example of circle-lending; everybody wins! It just goes to show that when a local business invests time and energy to please their customers, (while treating their employees well, too) as Cinnaholic clearly has done, that love will be returned. Having businesses like Cinnaholic in the community just makes one feel good, doesn’t it? You’re so lucky, Berkeley!

I’m even more eager to make that trip to Berkeley to check them out, and I’m definitely going to buy one of those gift certificates and you should, too. Win!

Sort of reminds me of that moment in It’s a Wonderful Life. . .


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