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best bakeries in the bay area, octoberfeast

pretzel croissant, Octoberfeast, Berkeley, CA

pretzel croissant, Octoberfeast, Berkeley, CA

I’d never really understood why people love croissants until I had one in France. And, hailing from Pennsylvania Dutch Country as I do, I have always had a reverence for well-made doughnuts and pretzels, and my bar is set high in terms of quality.  While I haven’t found a doughnut quite as good as the best I’ve had back home, I may just have found the pretzel, and it’s by Berkeley’s Octoberfeast Bakery. When I saw their stall at the Stonestown Farmer’s Market one Sunday morning, the animal part of my brain was triggered and I made a bee-line for their wares.

Now just imagine, bringing the pretzel and the croissant together . . . the sum is amazingly more than the sum of its parts and this, dear reader, you will discover at Octoberfeast. Just go. Just get it. A pretzel croissant. It’s incredible.

But while they had me at pretzel croissant, and the pretzels, they have another item I want to tell you about, the RECTOR BUN. I had never heard of these, not even on my trips to Germany. They’re pastries that consist of a tightly rolled dough, dense and chewy like a sticky bun, firm on the outside and containing soft, flakey layers on the inside. The top is glazed and sprinkled with turbinado sugar. It’s a gorgeous and delicious thing, and very unique.

Octoberfeast a bakery out of Berkeley that retails in San Francisco at Rainbow Grocery and on Sunday mornings, at the Stonestown Farmer’s Market until 1pm.

Octoberfeast Bakery

1954 University Ave
(between Bonita Ave & Milvia St)
Berkeley, CA 94704

(510) 207-2320

Hours: Tue-Fri 8 am – 6 pm, Sat 9 am – 3 pm

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