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S.F. needs to create permanent public spaces

it’s impossible not to cheer on recent efforts to create experimental public spaces that remake stray bits of asphalt in provocative ways.

via S.F. needs to create permanent public spaces.

Kudos to the reporter for highlighting this program and I agree with him. This program merits more support and funding.

The goal of the city to transform ugly, awkward intersections and tight sidewalks into something more pedestrian friendly and beautiful and that is a remarkable and praiseworthy thing. What I’ve seen so far is charming; the public spaces created in the Castro, and on 22nd street, have succeeded in bringing a welcome communal energy to their particular areas. This effort needs to be supported and it has been at the grass-roots level. Look at the design services that have been donated, and the support of the volunteers who made it happen. This represents that San Francisco spirit that I love so much,  that desire to pitch in and make something a little more beautiful and whimsical. Maybe even recycling old and discarded objects and giving them new life and context in the design. There’s a fond spot in my heart for that kind of endeavor because that’s how I’ve designed my garden, too.

But I have to agree with the author, it’s looking a little half-a$$ed in some spots. Now, can we get more support from the top, down? It’s so easy to visualize just a little more. Let’s really get behind this; I think just a little more funding can go a long way and look at he huge ‘human’ return on investment, in terms of livability and creating a vibrant public space. I’m sure that in turn yields an economic benefit to the community, too.

And I just want to thank Flora Grubb Gardens for providing the plants /supplies at a discount to this and other public works. This wonderful store has been active in public beautification projects for years, and I appreciate all they do for the city. Flora, you’re a treasure!


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