A rotating exhibit of the things I love most about living in San Francisco.

out to lunch in the Mission, Sycamore, and . . . a Banksy mural


roast beef at Sycamore, the Mission, SF

roast beef at Sycamore, the Mission, SF


Joined by stellar lunchmates Ll and A, today I lunched at Sycamore and tried the signature sandwich, the ‘Famous roast beef’, a regional speciality associated with Boston’s North Shore.

It was good.

The experience: My only complaint is that it seemed to take quite a while to get the food but once it arrived, I wasn’t disappointed. The sandwich consists of a generous pile of shaved roast beef, dressed in a tangy/spicy red sauce, and housed in a soft bun which has been slathered with mayo. Messy, yes, but eminently satisfying. The roast beef had the feel of being house-carved rather than a standard deli-procured kind; it was quite juicy and not at all dry, or pressed. The sandwich comes with choice of fries or salad. In a very unusual move, I opted for the salad as I’d seen some other interesting salads on the menu and thought this might be a good counter-point to the heaviness of the sandwich. I think this was a good move. The salad is simple- no extra vegetables here, it’s a salad of mixed greens lightly dressed in a bright citrusy vinaigrette, with a nice grinding of black pepper.

The verdict: I will definitely go back again for this sandwich, but the other items on the menu looked pretty compelling, too, and I’d like to try them, with the pulled pork at the top of the list (my friend Ll really liked that one by the way). One also can mix-and-match from  an assortment of sliders (blt, fried chicken sandwich, lamb, ground beef). Friend A. tried two, the BLT and the fried chicken, but found them unremarkable. Perhaps best to share these among a group? And then there’s the Pork belly donuts with a Maker’s Mark whiskey glaze! I’m in. . . I think I’ll be going back for those, too! The appetizers and beer list looked great; check out the complete menu here.

The Location: Sycamore has only been around a few months but per the reviews on Yelp, it seems to be building a following and by all accounts, a big improvement over the Cafe Prague, which formerly occupied the space. The interior is simple and can be kind of loud, but it is a bar after all. (Note there is an outdoor patio in the back.) The decor is spare, rather than comfy. Local art hangs on the wall. The street is a gritty one. Still, the neighborhood certainly is colorful; check out the mural on the Sycamore St side of the restaurant, it’s an original Banksy! And ((if it’s daytime)) take a little walk; lots of other fine murals await discovery in the Mission on the streets around you.


banksy mural art on Sycamore Street in the Mission, San Francisco

banksy mural art on Sycamore Street in the Mission, San Francisco


The Sycamore

2140 Mission St
(between Clarion Aly & Sycamore St)
San Francisco, CA 94110
Neighborhood: Mission
Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30 am – 12 am

(415) 252-7704


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