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best bakeries in san francisco: bumzy’s cookies

Bumzy's Cookies, Filmore Street, San Francisco

Bumzy's Cookies, Filmore Street, San Francisco

Having come to the Filmore to check out the Saturday Farmer’s Market there (which you should do, too) I spied a new cookie shop and had to check it out. The aroma of fresh baked cookies that met me as I walked in the door of Bumzy’s Cookies was lovely, and felt like a warm hug!

The owners are very friendly and greeted me just as warmly, immediately taking the time to introduce themselves. They’re a mom and daughter team, and their names are Sheila and Toni (Bumzy) respectively. They asked me my name and a lovely conversation ensued. Many samples (fresh from the oven) were had.

The cookies absolutely taste like your grandma’s, or mom’s, or ones you might have had at a church or school bakesale. (The peanut butter even has the fork marks on top! I LOVE that.) These are a crisp variety of cookie and depending on how close you’ve timed it, just might be hot out of the oven! In fact, Sheila says the recipe has been in her family for several generations, passed down from mother to daughter. The result is heavenly with a tall glass of milk. While the peanut butter was my favorite, I also bought the chocolate chip (two varieties) and the sugar. All are good.

The space is airy and cute; the kitchen feels like a home kitchen, with cabinets and all. I love the home-like look and feel they’ve achieved, and look forward to seeing how they complete the rest of the store. There’s an open space by the window that would be perfect for a “living room” sofa, maybe a plant or two, and coffee table to enjoy the cookies while hanging out with Sheila and Toni.

I can honestly say my visit to Bumzy’s, meeting Sheila and Tony, and sampling their cookies, was the highlight of my day and I look forward to going back!

Bumzy’s Cookies

1460 Fillmore Street
(between Byington St & Ofarrell St)
San Francisco, CA 94115


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