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great bakeries of San Francisco: Golden West

Golden West Bakery, San Francisco

Golden West Bakery, San Francisco

I meant to get this review out yesterday but alack, I had a busy day at work (keeping me in the office past six on a Friday, eek!) and next, today was spent doing a lot of cooking. (That cooking invariably includes getting the house ready for company, which entails catching up on a huge assortment of associated postponed chores. But I digress . . . )

My aforementioned long day at work Friday was fueled by a great morning cake, and that was sourced at Golden West, home of the most gorgeous signage in town and the reason for the gorgeous aroma permeating Trinity Plaza. (So the ‘Au’ is of course the chemical symbol for gold, and the sign is a representation of gold as seen on the Periodic Table of Elements.) Golden West is so inviting, located as it is in a narrow alley of the financial district, flanked by skyscrapers which keep the alley in shadow most of the day.  And in July, mornings are just plain cold and dark anyway, so the glowing golden sign is a real beacon! The food is your reward.

For my first sample from Golden West bakery I chose a raspberry (which the owner pointed out was market fresh) coffee cake. When handed to me it was STILL WARM. Nice touch. I clutched that bag of cake near- this July morning was 50 degrees or so and I’d just been on the scooter for about 20 minutes getting here from the Castro through morning rush traffic. Biting into the cake was gorgeous, there’s a nice crispy exterior which contains a very dense, moist crumb. The berries did taste über-fresh. They’d still retained their berry-ness rather than turning to mush, like frozen berries do. The cake was not too sweet, allowing instead the tartness to come through, rounded by a solid butteriness. And like I said, what a score that it was still warm.

The service was exceedingly friendly and everything points to a place to which I’d LOVE to return.

Raspberry coffee cake from Golden West, Financial District, San Francisco

Raspberry coffee cake from Golden West, Financial District, San Francisco


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