A rotating exhibit of the things I love most about living in San Francisco.

taking the prize for the coolest signage in town

Au, Golden West is a bakery in the Financial District, at 8 Trinity Place


Amazingly, the sign above this ‘soon-to-open’ establishment means only to suggest the name of the business inside, rather than explicitly spelling it out. I think it’s gorgeous, lighting up as it does a rather dark portion of the city, perpetually in shadow. While the subtle approach may lead to some confusion at first, as people look up-and-down from their handheld gps devices looking for ‘blankety blank’ and seeing a golden ‘Au’ in its stead, I suspect the operation will have no trouble snaring customers. Why? If the golden sign doesn’t invite you, the buttery aroma wafting from the storeront sure will. If you’ve been following the food blogs you’ll already know the name of this place and if not . . . just stay tuned. ‘Au’ opens tomorrow and I’ll fill you in;-) (Click here for review…)


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