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roadtrip, Marin

Pool party in Marin


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I was so happy to get out of the City on Saturday. As is often the case in summer, the day started out a clammy sort of gray with a bit of sun here and there, and a chill in the air. While I generally, truly, enjoy our mild climate and cool rather than warm summers, sometimes I do crave an afternoon to bake. A dip in a pool. A yard. All those things are hard to come by in the city but a twenty minute drive over the Golden Gate Bridge changes everything; the fog lifts like a curtain once you’ve hit Marin to the north, and an abundance of summer sun greets you on the other side of the Bridge, with a corresponding increase in temperature of what, twenty degrees or so?

A friend had invited me to accompany him to a pool party in San Anselmo, a picturesque old town between Fairfax and San Rafael. I took him up on it. On arrival at the home where the party was held, I soon realized this was a showcase of a house, perched as it was at the top of the hill already studded with gated homes. The extra-wide front door swiveled open from center rather than the side, and as soon as one enters the house one sees the expansive view. The entire back of the house consists of floor to ceiling windows, 180 degrees of greenery, hills dotted with homes and the Bay on the horizon, part of Oakland visible under a thin blanket of fog. The pool is below, accessed from the downstairs level, and projects out from the side of the hill with a commanding view of its own.


Sigh, it was a FUN afternoon with many thanks to the host for throwing a great party and to my pal for the invitation! We had a lot of fun living the Marin lifestyle, so different from ours in the City!


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