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Kaiju @ Gama-Go HQ

Kaiju @ Gama-Go HQ

As I left the grocery store this afternoon someone called out to me with some persistence, “excuse me, excuse me sir?”, this after having followed me into the parking lot to ask the question. Next, “Where did you get that t shirt?  It’s so cool!”  I have been approached like this countless times in the last several years that I’ve been collecting Gama-Go tee shirts, not to mention the slippers, jackets, books, wallets and figurines. People come up to me at the grocery store, the bank, on the bus and on the sidewalk. The gym. It’s crazy, I’ve never worn anything that elicited questions and Gama-Go often inspires it!

My Gama-Go collection has grown to exceed in number a shirt for every day of the month and after that, I stopped counting. New designs come out every season, re-imagining a standard menagerie of characters in new situations, contexts and designs. A company founded by a small group of local San Francisco artists, Gama-Go produces all of these t-shirts in limited numbers, and they’ve become collector’s items. The t-shirts are wearable art.

(And yes, it’s true, I did name my scooter after the lizard above, Kaiju.)

Gama-Go Store

335 8th St
(between Folsom St & Ringold St)
San Francisco, CA 94103
Neighborhood: SOMA

Just for fun, I ‘m going to start a running list of when and where I’m stopped, starting here:


• 8 July 2010, parking lot @ Trader Joe’s, SOMA,  t-shirt: Deathbot grocery shopping

• 12 July 2010, front desk @ Golds Gym, SOMA, t-shirt: Yeti gets a haircut

• 17 July 2010, placing order at counter @ Bi-Rite Creamery, Mission, t-shirt: Geisha + Squid

• 3 August 2010, placing order at counter @ Sightglass Coffee, SOMA, t-shirt: Yeti Squad v. Deathbot Battle Royale IX

• 4 August 2010, check in @ Gold’s Gym, SOMA, t-shirt: Taj Majal

• 6 August 2010, locker room @ Gold’s Gym, SOMA, t-shirt: dirty bird, san francisco collage

• 18 September 2010, house party, t-shirt: flock of menacing birds

• 22 September 2010, Chairman Bao Bun Truck, t-shirt: Squid, Stowe Lake, Golden Gate Park, san francisco collage

• 02 November 2010, Lancaster PA farmer’s market lady, t-shirt: flock of birds, with Dirty Bird

gama go t-shirts

gama go t-shirts


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