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best pizza in San Francisco: Pi Bar, the Mission

Pi Bar, San Francisco

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Pi Bar opened last year in the space formerly occupied by Suriya Thai. Suriya was one of my favorites so I was gutted to see it go. But thankfully it ‘s back in a new location and the bonus is now I have Pi Bar to add to my regular rotation. This is the best pizza I ‘ve found in San Francisco and beyond that, the experience of the space and the service was just wonderful.

The details. The place was full, jovial but not too loud, at 7pm on a Saturday. That said, there was room at the bar so no wait for the two of us. The bar is a great option. It’s in the center of the room, fun and there’s plenty of space for a large pie and drinks without feeling at all crowded. From there you have a great view of the kitchen and the chef tossing the dough for the pizzas. We started with a drink, I had the Lost Coast Great White lager and my partner the Ace Pear Cider. Both excellent.

pi bar

pi bar

When I go to a new pizza place I like to start by ordering a basic cheese pizza. Sort of my baseline measure. Theirs is a perfectly blistered, thin, NYstyle pizza. The herbs and crushed red pepper that come with it are fresh, a nice touch! A small pie was more than enough for two.

pizza at Pi Bar

pizza at Pi Bar

And there was still room for dessert. I ordered the “rainbow cookies’. . .sort of domino sized slices of cake in three colors (think Italian flag) with raspberry filling between the layers, glazed with chocolate. The bartender, Jennifer, was a total star, and “gifted” us with a glass of dessert wine to go with the cookies. It was a chocolate raspberry port that was delicious, especially paired with the dessert.

rainbow cookies at Pi Bar

rainbow cookies at Pi Bar

All in all, a wonderful evening. And if you’ve been to Suriya and mourn it’s passing, be heartened that it’s back elsewhere, and now we have both it AND Pi Bar. And checkout the artwork visible to the right of the bar. The Bartender that gave us that free drink painted a lovely Thai elephant as a tribute to our beloved Suriya. Cheers to that!

Pie Bar
1432 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 970-9670


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