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“come and try!” or, my Costco diaries

a photographic tribute to Costco


Originally uploaded by markevnic72

Costco. Quite possibly the greatest warehouse club that ever was, is and will be . . .

My favorite Costco employee is Gui, and I’ve known her since 2005. She works in the San Francisco store, on the corner of 10th and Harrison. Granted, I’ve never spoken to her, other than to place an order at the Costco cafe. But her quiet dignity, fast and efficient service have left a lasting impression on me and seeing her there always makes me happy.

I created a gallery on Flickr which is a tribute to my experiences at Costco, from the Gui and the rest of her team in the cafe, to the runners on the floor with their flashing skiffs, to the food demonstrators who feed the restless masses, calming them with delightful bites of food, Costco employees have retail down to a science and dare I say, an art!

PS, if you, like me, are addicted to Costco, check out this link!


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