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joys of the window seat, continued. . .

joys of the window seat


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My day, week and year were made this morning when I opened my email to find a message from the New York Times. Two weeks ago, I entered their travel photography contest and today I was informed that my photo of the Greenland landscape made it to their shortlist. If chosen, it will be printed in the Sunday Edition Travel Section!

I am soooo excited. It’s the TIMES! Watch this space for exclamation marks –



While my photo did not make it to the print edition (only 4 did) my submission WAS chosen as part of an online gallery on the New York Times Website here.  The number associated with the photo changes ever time I log on, and I have no idea why. (Still, the number always seems to fall between#270 and 290.)  I loved the feel of the flow of images, united in theme and point of view.  The passage of one to the other was gentle and even a little hypnotic. I was inspired to dig up all my window seat photos and create a slide show of my own. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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