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what a good week, and weekend!

This was a week FULL of my favorite things, lots of good food, drink, satisfying work and great times with friends.No less than 5 pals with birthdays this week! Shouts to Ri and P (so sorry my foot ailments prevented me from doing yoga :-((((( Shouts to Ra, C and A, too for their special days! I’m lucky to know such great people!

The garden continues to take shape now that the hole has been dug in the center, soon to become a tiny patio for garden table and chairs. It’s such a dramatic shift from how it’s looked for the last four years and  the change is exciting!  In keeping with my ‘found object’ theme, my neighbor and I are scouring the internet for used items we can ‘recycle’. Right on cue, the universe delivered a huge pile of discarded bricks down the street, just on time for me to pile in the scooter and bring home. (That took a few trips!)

I managed to do a little makeover to my art portfolio website, as well. I updated the header on the landing page, as well as the photos on the contact page. But it wasn’t merely my home page that that received some house cleaning. My apartment got a spring cleaning, too, in anticipation of visitors Sunday night. . .

The weekend was crazy busy because all the of the above had to be done in time for Sunday evening’s film club meeting. For those that don’t know, my parter and I are members of a local film club. It’s like a book club in that we see a chosen movie every month, and gather at someone’s home to discuss it. We’ve been doing this for over 5 years and the meetings are as much about reconnecting with friends and catching up as they are about the movie itself. Thank goodness everyone is fun, smart and best of all, talented in the kitchen! (The host prepares a main dish and the rest of the members round out the menu, potluck style. And the discussion is always equal to the food!)

Last night was our turn to host. The movie was Roman Polanski’s The Ghost Writer, starring Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan. The group was split on this film, the point of contention being Polanski’s liberal use of particular film conventions. Some felt this as pat and cliché, and it ruined the film for them. Others thought it was an homage to a particular style of film making, reminiscent of Hitchcock. I fell in the latter camp but was happy for the disagreement; I find the club is most fun when there’s a difference of opinion! As for the food, I prepared artichoke ravioli and tossed it with broccolini, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, lemon zest, red pepper flakes and garlic infused olive oil. Easy, pretty and delicious! I also made a pitcher of rosemary lemonade. As easy as it is to make, it always elicits lots of positive comments. I love recipes like that!

home-made rosemary infused lemonade

home-made rosemary infused lemonade

After we cleaned up, I had some freelance cartoon work to do on a super-fun short-term sketching assignment that recently came my way… and I’m very thankful for that! I’m getting great feedback so far on my work, and hope this client becomes a more regular one 🙂  Here’s the recipe for that rosemary lemonade, by the way:

Rosemary Lemonade

Fresh Lemons or one cup packaged lemon juice, in a pinch.

Sweetener – Dissolve in warm water ten spoons total of a mixture of the following such as Cane Sugar (5 spoons) / Agave Nectar (4
spoons) / Honey (1 spoon)

Rosemary – freshly cut, smashed and bruised.  I wrap in paper towel and hammer with a mallet, or base of a jam jar.

Infuse whole bruised stems in the
lemonade pitcher.

Mix to your taste, tart or sweet, with lemons.  Juice all the lemons then add the
already-mixed-sweetener a little at a time to taste.  Dilute with water.

Let the juice sit for a few hours to allow the rosemary to infuse.


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