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joys of the window seat or, getting there is half the fun!


Originally uploaded by markevnic72

The New York Times recently collected entries for a photography contest, and I’ve submitted my entries. The theme? ‘Shots taken from the window seat of an airplane’. This is right up my alley. I always take the window seat; watching the world float by represents a huge part of my enjoyment of a flight. (Well, that, and the complimentary drink.) I’ve had a Flickr album of my shots for a while and I invite you to check them out!

For my submission, I chose two photos. One, a shot taken while flying over Greenland, on my way home to San Francisco from a summer trip to Greece. Having just left the sun drenched, hot and dry isle of Mykonos, this aerial tour of Greenland was a total counterpoint, and an arctic fantasy. The clarity of detail was stunning. People around me were sleeping; they truly missed a show!!

photo from the window seat of the plane

Greenland, as seen from the window seat

My second submission was a photo of Kermit looking out the window. Kermit is a constant companion when I travel and ..I had to include him.

photo of kermit the frog

kermit enjoys the view


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