A rotating exhibit of the things I love most about living in San Francisco.

and whatta you lookin’ at, kid. . .???

My favorite event of the year is the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Easter Party. Held every year on Easter Sunday, rain (as in, this year) or shine, this incredibly fun event draws hundreds (or thousands) of revelers young and old to the Castro to celebrate Easter, the Arrival of Spring, and …Fun!

The day kicks off with an egg roll for the kids and progresses to an Easter Bonnet contest for the grown ups. And then there’s the Hunky Jesus contest which is …um, popular. (No one does more for keeping Christ at the center of the holiday than the Sisters!) And no one does more for the Community in both maintaining the Spirit We Have and also, delivering much-needed money to good causes. . . the Sisters raise so much for charity it isn’t even funny!

To me, this event represents all that I love about the community I live in. The Celebration of Creativity. Of Fun. Of Fellowship. Of Open Mind and Heart. Of letting people Be who they are and want to Be. Of taking care of each other. There is no better way to celebrate Easter in my book. Three Cheers for the Sisters who keep the Spirit Alive.

So regrettably, I wasn’t able to go this year so I’ve posted links to albums from celebrations past. And of course, I’m looking forward to next year!


Old School Jesus


Livestock Jesus, 2009


Egg Roll, 2009 Dolores Park


Pink Ladies always attend the Sisters' Easter Party (2007)


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