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Springtime finds the Peace Pagoda-Japantown-San Francisco


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The only good thing about going to the doctor, and I ‘ve had to go once every two weeks since last August (!) is that I can follow this painful little visit with one to Japantown. Jtown is an immersive experience; walking the neighborhood, one truly feels they’ve taken a step outside the US. Japantown is the oldest Japanese community in the United States, and the special relationship between these two nations is memorialized by the Peace Pagoda which is the heart of the neighborhood.

My usual haunts are the japanese grocery, Nijiya Market, and the shopping mall, which includes the manga & stationary store, bakeries and antiques. At Daisu, you’ll find everything for $1.50 and yes, there’s always a find;-) Across the street from the mall you’ll find Super 7, which has a killer selection of fun tshirts and toys, and New People, a complex of Japanese movie theater, gallery space and Japanese pop houseware & clothing. But no trip is complete without a trip to the Soko hardware store, which has a great selection of glazed dishes.  Even though I only get one or two bowls and plates at a time, by now I’m stocked up;-)


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