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where, evidently, they really DO know your name – True Burger, Oakland

Lest you think I write only about cupcakes and succulents, let me assure you I do have other areas of expertise as well. Case in point last Thursday, when my quest for an impeccable dining experience took me far afield of this fair city, over The Bridge to our Sister in the East. This was the night of a celebratory dinner and as such, only the Best would do. Something even more special than special. That night, only the BEST BURGER IN THE BAY would do! And the best burger is True.

Certainly, the True Burger itself merits a glowing report here. Simply prepared with the highest quality ingredients, it is the purest expression of all-that-is-good-in-a-burger that I’ve found. And the fries. They ‘re cooked perfectly! Every time. And the service is gracious.

The Best Burger in the Bay is True Burger

But, if this was the only story to tell of this night, I’d simply direct you to my Yelp.com review here, and that would be that. There’s more~

The best part of the evening was that it became an exponent of that last Yelp review, a confirmation of what inspired me to give them 5 stars. When I stepped up to the counter to order, the same lovely woman greeted me as the last time I was there one month ago. She greeted me by name. Unsure of sure how she pulled this one off ((Again, I was there over a month ago!)) she helped me out. She recognized me from my picture on Yelp. And she’d found that photo because I’d written a review following the True Burger visit last month.  I’d had such a fun experience between the good food and chatting with staff that I had to write about it, so it was very sweet to find out that the folks at True Burger not only had found my post, but remembered my visit, too, and appreciated it.  In my book, this attests to the esteem in which they hold their customers. And, man, what an interconnected world we live in!  Two people can have a spontaneous conversation in a restaurant, and that is all it takes for them to find each other again in cyberspace, at any time in the future. It was a lovely moment and one that made me smile.

And the food was awesome.

:: UPDATE ::

Just found this exceptional review of True Burger here. See? I’m not the only one who loves this place. And what a great blog!  If you’re into Hamburgers you’ll have to check it out.

next time I 'll need to save room for the milkshake which I hear is tops~


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