A rotating exhibit of the things I love most about living in San Francisco.

I’ve decided I just have to blog.

I love this interconnected world in which we live!  Part of the joy of the last few years has been immersing myself socially in networks like Flickr, Yelp and Facebook.  I’ve built a website a few times over.  I’ve made friends via these networks that I’d never have discovered otherwise. And, I’ve improved as a photographer, epicure, writer and friend for the connection. I’ve noticed, though, that by nature of each network, the ‘self’ I’ve projected has differed slightly from one to the next…Flickr highlights the photographer, Yelp the foodie, Facebook the political pundit, gardener, scooter rider & friend.  I am, at once, all these and more. In an effort to centralize my point of view, I’ve decided I just have to blog, and this forum will be the place all these divergent personas intersect. Stay tuned for MUSings ranging from gardening to food, from photography to art & design, from politics to pop culture, because all these things inform who I am, and how I connect to this town, and my world.


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